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Veiled in an alluring past, The United Arab Emirates is known for its modern architecture, we have the packages of some of the best places to visit in dubai
juxtaposed with grandiose mosques and historic buildings, its ultra-contemporary cities and its barren deserts.
Places To Visit in Abu Dhabi:

Its capital, Abu Dhabi, is one of the most popular tourist destinations today with good reason, along with the seaside metropolis of Dubai. These two jewels in the desert are best seen on Dubai city tour& Abu Dhabi City Tour presented by top tourist companies such as Haider Tourism, a must for any travel bug which provide Exotic tours dubai and places to visit in abu dhabi at affordable packages.

we will give you some great dubai shopping tips and  what to buy in dubai mall, dubai tourist places list, you will also know about dubai hotel 150 aed per night that would make your journey more fantastic.

A city tours is the way to ensure that you get the most out of your visit, especially in ones that offer such an overwhelming amount to see. In Abu Dhabi, be sure to include the Al Fahidi walking tours to your itinerary and explore this scenic district. Rich in cultural history, the Heritage Village is a recreation from the city’s past before oil was discovered.

A love of art might lead you to the Abu Dhabi Louvre or the Sharjah Art Museum in Dubai, where guided tours are the best way to observe the masterful artworks and antiques on show.
Dubai is famous for its phenomenal nightlife and among its most frequented stops is the Buddha Bar, the Tamayan Terrace and the Music Hall.
When taking a city tour of the marina, be sure to pay each of these a visit but don’t limit yourself to just one in places to visit in abu dhabi and dubai. There are so many to choose from.
Dhow Harbour is a true sight to behold with everything from barges to wooden fishing boats and is situated alongside the Mina Fish Market if you are looking for a truly traditional experience. The various Dhow cruises give you multiple options, whether you prefer a 5-star party cruise or a daytime cruise exploring the Musandam Dibba.

The sparse vegetation and open landscape of desert feels both ancient and mystic. One can understand this being the setting for A Thousand and One Nights and while on a tour of this magnificent place far away from the noise and rush of the city, and learn more about the Bedouin who have survives in this unforgiving climate for thousands of years.
Though modernised, their cultural heritage has survived with them. It is almost unthinkable how date farming has thrived among the sand-swept dunes of Liwa, 180 miles outside Abu Dhabi that is one of the best places to visit in abu dhabi.
Approximately 90 miles outside Dubai lie the Hatta Rock Pools, an oasis in the Arabian desert and open for swimming. its a great dubai shopping tips to visit all these splendid places like 2 star hotels in dubai deira, dubai hotel 150 aed per night or 100 aed per night hotel in dubai our services are ready for you.

Another astounding site is the Fujairah Fort, the oldest fort in the country, which sits atop a range of hillsides dotted with other forts and watchtowers in Fujairah. Tours of all these marvels might be just the thing to make you forget the strains of daily life and to discover a different world.

With amazing sights to behold, the UAE is best explored via city and desert tours, both of which are made possible by the top tourist company Haider. They cater for your specific taste, whether you are on honeymoon or travelling with your family, to ensure that you get the most out of your tour of this wondrous country. The land of wonder awaits you. you will also get familiar with this fact that what to buy in dubai mall,dubai tourist places list or 100 or 150 aed per night hotel in dubai so dont forget to visit.if you want to stay in 2 star hotels in dubai deira we will assist you with that too.

Whether you are finding a comfortable hotel or an affordable tour packages Haider Tourism Dubai.
From Emirate of Dubai and its attractions to traveling by car along with things to do in dubai haider tourism will

cover all for you. you just need to use their services of attraction, opinions, fun, opening, map, reviews, information,and guidebooks of advice about popular places in the emirates everything will be done splendidly just for you. so what are you gonna do now? will you visit the places to visit in abu dhabi or exotic tours dubai? do tell us we would love to hear from you.

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